• We are happy to announce the following flavors are back in stock: Red Velvet Butter Vanilla CoffeeCake And don't forget, if you have any ideas for us or want to try your hand at having us "design" a flavor, please feel

  • The past year at CoffeeZyme has been an amazing one, hence the reason we haven't updated in so long!New Year, New Stuff!This year we will be bringing in two new additions to CoffeeZyme that we're hoping you will love..Flavor Drops

  • We recently undertook a new endeavor to decaffeinate some of our blends.. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? Right? Well we did it so we can learn the process and make more coffee's available. The biggest issue we came across while

  • All Coffee roasters will go to extreme processes to make their beans look as appeasing as possible. This results in a huge loss of perfectly good beans. The best time to sort your beans is prior to roasting so as

  • All of our flavors are made from 100% natural ingredients. We use multiple processes to accomplish this. For extracts the process involves - Freeze drying fruits and other ingredients (spices, herbs, etc.) Soaking fruits and other ingredients in extraction grade

  • If you are reading this, then welcome to CoffeeZyme! All of our future posts will be dedicated to everything CoffeeZyme, ChocolateZyme or Teazyme. You might be asking yourself what TeaZyme and ChocolateZyme are? CoffeeZyme was created due to our love of

  • If you are reading this then Welcome to CoffeeZyme, "Where Coffee meets Science". Unfortunately we are not completely setup yet but bear with us and we'll be up and ready to go soon!

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