For every order not only do we 3D print and donate a toy, we also donate a portion of the proceeds to sustain these charities listed below.
CoffeeZyme Charity

CoffeeZyme Charities donates a toy to Toy's for Tot's or Every Kid Every Christmas for every order that is placed. Through local community efforts we donate to local communities and we donate a ton of coffee, literally.

Reptile Rescue of Alaska
Local Reptile Rescue

Through Reptile Rescue of Alaska we donate and help local rescues get the help they need and a loving family that will be their forever home.

R&D BioTech Alaska
Scientific Charity

R&D BioTech Alaska is a local 501(c)(3) that uses both a scientific avenues for educating local communities and its many resources to provide local communities resources in times of need.

Toys For Tots

Toy's for Tot's is an organization that with the help of marines tries to ensure that every kid gets a christmas, each year we donate hundreds of toys to their mission.

Every Kid Every Christmas
Christmas Toy Charity

Every Kid Every Christmas is an Alaskan based Christmas toy charity. Each year we donate hundreds of 3D printed toys.

Fair Trade Certified
Fair Trade

As coffee connoisseur's we have to ensure our equal and fair share of profits to coffee farmers. We currently align and donate with Cerrado Mineiro and Sul De Minas regions.

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