Regular Bean Roasts

Original Roasts from all of our currently available regions. All 100% Organic and fair trade Coffee beans from Brazil to our friends down in Kona!

Flavored Roasts

All of our flavored roasts are made using 100% natural ingredients. That means we actually make the flavoring extracts and emulsions ourselves.

Chocolate Roasts

Our Chocolate Roasts are made using a time consuming process as well as 100% fresh roasted cacao beans.

Enzyme Roasts

CoffeeZyme is unique to it’s Enzyme roasts as we are the only Coffee company that we know of that uses food enzymes to alter the bean before it’s roasted, creating a whole new world of Coffee experiences.


We offer samples from most of our regular and flavored roasts. Occasionally our enzymed roasts will be available here as well.

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