New Year

The past year at CoffeeZyme has been an amazing one, hence the reason we haven’t updated in so long!
New Year, New Stuff!
This year we will be bringing in two new additions to CoffeeZyme that we’re hoping you will love..Flavor Drops and Instant Coffee!

Originally Instant coffee was a huge success across the globe but it quickly dimmed due to the lack of freshness/taste. The reason being is how instant coffee is generally made – using a heat source that breaks down the properties of the coffee. Our method is a cold evaporation system that does not degrade the coffee in any way. All of our coffee roasts will be made available as a little bean you can drop in your cup and pour hot water into, while maintaining the freshness flavor of fresh roasted coffee.

Our flavor drops have been in the works since we started CoffeeZyme. We’ve always wanted people to enjoy our coffee and the flavors we have created, however we are well aware everyone has varying tastes and changes in their daily coffee regimen (people don’t always want Brazilian roasts, we get it). To change this we created flavor drops that are small concentrations of the completely 100% natural flavors we use, freeze-dried and individually packaged for you to add those 100% Organic, natural flavors of CoffeeZyme but to your preferred type of coffee.

But that certainly isn’t all, this year we will be importing tons (literally) of different coffee’s from different regions across the globe for you to try.

We hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s and we can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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