CoffeeZyme Projects

Sustainable South Point Kona Coffee

We are currently working with groups on the big island of Hawaii towards building sustaining coffee farms in the South Point region below Kona. This area is extremely volcanic and sunny, the perfect combination for growing Kona Coffee.

Husk Development

We are currently working on multiple projects that utilize the ``leftover`` husks from our roasted coffee. From creating craft paper to utilizing it for creating a new sustainable coffee using the enzymes extracted and adding them to the date plant. More info coming soon!

Bean Alterations

From the creation of CoffeeZyme, we have consistantly tried creating new coffee flavors using any method we can. There are infinitie possibilites to alter the flavor of the roast, from the picking of the coffee cherry, how long you allow it to sit in the sun, enzymes, roast temps, roast time to the flavors we create from extracts. We are always creating and documenting the methods we try so we know what and what not to do.

Extracts to Emulsions

Everyday we create new flavors from different sources. Currently the methods we use are simple extraction methods of soaking an ingredient (fruit, nuts,berries) in food grade extraction alcohol or distilling it with distilled water methods and creating an emulsion using 100% natural and organic gum accacia. Everyday is an exciting new journey.

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