Beet Beans (1lb)


  • Body – Medium
  • Best Roast Temp – 225°
  • Notes – Fresh, Floral, Sweet, Aromatic
  • Altitude – 950 – 1200
  • Region – Cerrado Mineiro
  • Farm -Sul
  • Production – Semi-Washed
  • Post Production – None
  • Type – NY2 SS Fine
  • Acidity – 2
  • Bitterness – 2


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Beet beans were made using naturally extracted and super filtered beet powder combined with distilled water and a minimal heating and extraction process to extract the enzymes and remove certain compounds that are not needed in the CoffeeZyme combining process as beets are high in many chemicals that are good for you, but not something we wanted to combine with our coffee. We use a similar method to create our Red Velvet (for color and taste). The remaining compounds and enzymes are then placed in a bath with green coffee beans and allowed an 8-hour process of constant agitation to absorb and react. The beans are then cool dried and are ready to be roasted.


The end result is an amazing tasting coffee roast. Somewhat naturally sweet, not to bitter or acidic, with mountains of flavor.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.5 × 8.5 in

Medium – (225°), Dark – (235°), Light – (215°)


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