Halo Tea (2-pack) – 10g

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We have slowly been testing new tea’s to add to our somewhat dwindling tea line. With this came the growing and creation of a whole new line of teas from the tea plant Clitoria ternatea (Butterfly Pea). The flower that comes from this plant has many different uses, from Teas to dyes for clothes. The reason for the blue/purple color is because of anthocyanin pigments/polyphenols produced by the plant. These anthocyanins are used in the health industry due to their robust antioxidant properties. The Butterfly pea flower has some of the highest amounts of anthocyanins known to man, even beating out blueberries hands down. The main benefit of anthocyanins other than their obvious antioxidant properties is the correlation between these pigments and the myelin sheath that protects neurons from negative effects, including alzheimer’s. (PubMed Source)

After the plant is grown, we pick the flowers and combine them with our Vanilla emulsion that creates a delicious, extremely healthy, light tasting tea that can be consumed hot or cold.

*Warning* This tea can be addictive.

No Caffeine


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