Miracle Beans (1lb)


  • Body – Any
  • Best Roast Temp – 235°
  • Notes –
  • Altitude – 950 – 1200
  • Region – Cerrado Mineiro
  • Farm -Sul
  • Production – Semi-Washed
  • Post Production – Molecular
  • Type – NY2 SS Fine
  • Acidity – 1
  • Bitterness – 0
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We recently created a coffee that alters your entire coffee experience. This bean is unique and one of a kind because it is so hard to make.

We started by growing our own miracle fruit trees. The berry on these trees are unique as they have the ability to alter how your taste receptors react to mostly sour tastes. Makes sour things sweet. However it also alters how bitter things taste.

We create our own pre-soak, after extract, and drying emulsion process to ensure these beans are completely encapsulated in this molecule called miraculin.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

Perfect (230°), Medium – (225°), Dark – (235°), Light – (215°)


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