Mocha (1lb)


  • Body – Medium
  • Best Roast Temp – 225°
  • Notes – Chocolate, Creme
  • Altitude – 950 – 1200
  • Region – Cerrado Mineiro
  • Farm -Sul
  • Production – Semi-Washed
  • Post Production – None
  • Type – NY2 SS Fine
  • Acidity – 1
  • Bitterness – 2


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Our Mocha was created completely by accident when we were first making a chocolate syrup drab, we had made a batch so thin that it absorbed into the beans instead of coating it. The taste was so good we couldn’t live without it.

Our chocolate beans are put through a very lengthy process that starts from the bean. We use freshly imported cacao beans from Ecuador and Vietnam. We then roast a 1/80 ratio cacao to green coffee blend. This doesn’t work out for the cacao as it is then over cooked (we use these for later on for chocolate tea). But the process pulls the chocolate notes into the freshly roasted green coffee. We then use our chocolate extract (made using freshly roasted cacao nibs) with the roasted coffee in a unique to CoffeeZyme drying process that takes around 6 hours. The coffee is then carefully covered in our freshly made chocolate drab. Our drab is a very quick drying chocolate that was designed to keep coffee beans from absorbing moisture.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.5 × 8.5 in

Perfect (230°), Medium – (225°), Dark – (235°), Light – (215°)


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