Sample Pack – Italian Roast (40g)


  • Body -Extra Dark
  • Roast Temp – 245°
  • Notes – Smoky, Mesquite, Caramel
  • Altitude – 950 – 1200
  • Region – Cerrado Mineiro
  • Farm -Sul
  • Production – Semi-Washed
  • Post Production – None
  • Type – NY2 SS Fine
  • Acidity – 1
  • Bitterness – 10

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Our Italian roast is what we like to call..dark. Most people have a designation for an Italian roast to ensure it gets its unique under tones and richness without burning it. Our method is fast and furious. The faster the bean moves, the hotter you can roast it with this process. After, we check its spectral wave length to ensure its an even, smooth flavored roast.

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