The term CoffeeZyme comes from our study with Coffee Enzymes.

We originally wanted to know why and how Kopi Luwak Coffee (some of the worlds smoothest and most expensive Coffee) got its chemical structure, it’s taste and smoothness.

Then came the fun, studying poop Coffee! Kopi Luwak gets its smoothness, texture and flavor from the Coffee Cherry being digested by the Asian Civet Cat (Palm Civet). It is then subjected to many digestive enzymes until the final product results in a “pooped” out Coffee bean. These beans are then thoroughly cleaned (we hope) and roasted to perfection.

Not to be outdone by a cat that has a sweet tooth, we got our own Biologist and started from there.

Enzymes are wonderful and almost magical structures/processes of the biological world. They are used with every single breath you take.

At first we wanted to replicate the process by growing Kopi Luwak digestion enzymes in the lab. But then we decided to open up a whole new world by seeing how all *Food Safe enzymes would effect the process from the green bean to the final roast.

Almost immediately along our journey we learned about the acrylamide process that happens during the Maillard Reaction (heating) causes low amounts of Carcinogens. Carcinogens are what cause cancer.

Now don’t let that put you off coffee, almost every single scientific study on the carcinogens of coffee have found that since the carcinogen level is so low, the likelihood of getting cancer from your morning cup of joe is so unlikely that you probably have better odds of a flawless Diamond falling from the sky and landing perfectly in your hands. But that didn’t stop us from wanting to find ways to counter this process.

This research led us to our first two enzyme projects *MZyme and *Pzyme. Using protease enzymes from Aspergillus we were able to incorporate and turn off and keep a sugar molecule from effectively going through the acrylamide process. Meaning no Carcinogens.

Unfortunately, this coffee didn’t taste “amazing”.

So now we work with enzymes and green coffee all the way from tearing apart the bean and making a completely different bean to enzymatic flavorings.

Enzymatic Flavorings come from taking specific enzymes and molecules then incorporating them into the green bean prior to roasting.

With this field of “Coffee Science” we are hoping to open up an entirely new world of Coffee to the world!

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