Mudd Water (1lb)


  • Body – Medium
  • Best Roast Temp – 215°
  • Notes –
  • Altitude – 950 – 1200
  • Region – Cerrado Mineiro
  • Farm -Sul
  • Production – Semi-Washed
  • Post Production – Enzyme
  • Type – NY2 SS Fine
  • Acidity – 1
  • Bitterness – 7
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Mudd water was an idea we thought up when we were trying to separate the fine oil coating that is contained in coffee beans. Extracting this oil is a very old/rare method of protecting the bean by extracting it from one bean and adding it to another, then roasting it. The more of this “coffee bean oil” that is used, the easier it is to leave all of its values intact.

We wanted a way to naturally make a dark roast with the same varying levels as lighter roasted beans (caffeine content, phenolic acids,  etc.) into a darker roast.

One of the methods used to extract this oil is to boil it out. This creates a muddy water with all the extracts from the previous bean. This is then absorbed into a new batch of beans, dried and roasted. The plus to this is the enzymes that are used in this is a minimal process, yet very unique to these Brazilian Arabica beans.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 2.5 × 8.5 in

Perfect (230°), Medium – (225°), Dark – (235°), Light – (215°)


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